Update on Google Assassin


This week and weekend was [tag]Christmas shopping[/tag] time, so I had little time to work on the [tag]Google Assassin[/tag] program. I did dive into their video and non-video tutorials. I think I have a good idea of what is going on and have started to form a game plan in my head. This week/weekend I will try to set my first campaign live.

From there I can track my results and give you a better idea if this program is worth the $77 a month fee. Stay tuned for more updates later this week.

DJK Google Assassin Part 3

On Monday, I really dove into the [tag]DJK Google Assaaain[/tag] program, even with the lacking [tag]quick start guide[/tag]. I watched a video on how to make campaigns, which were very helpful, but a bit out, dated. The site has since had a re-design.

Campaign Video
The video was shot in May of last year, I believe, when they were still in beta. Many of the site navigation and features are different today. This leaves you to a bit of guessing, but I was up to the task.

Coaching Model
I did the very first coaching model. It was informative and easy to follow. My only suggestion, out side of a step by step quick start guide, it to have all of the coaching models done in [tag]Camtasia video[/tag], just like the campaign video.

Affiliate Wiki
I thought this might be a nice resource, but it turned out to be just a place were people talk about how great the program was and how much money they make. There was no real instruction or helpful information for a newbie.

Days Review
While information is scattered, the information and tools have been quite good so far. Tomorrow, I will try out their Keyword tool, which they call “[tag]The Daddy Keyword Tool[/tag].” They say it is a complicated, but I hope that means it will give great results once the learning curve has been over come.

Side Note. I know I keep saying they need a quick start guide, and information is scattered, etc… However, on second thought this may actually work to my advantage. See, most affiliates are lazy and if it is not spoon feed to them, they will give up. So many people buy money-making opportunities and once they see it requires work they put it on the self or ask for a refund. I am hoping this is the case. This means less competition for me, as I plan to test this to the end.

So maybe in the end, I should keep my mouth shut on the improvements and just work the program.

** UPDATE **

Quick Start Guide
Tuesday morning a very informative quick start guide showed up in my email box, just what I was looking for.

DJK Google Assassin Review Part 2


Purchase the Product
Sunday night I went to buy DJK Google Assassin. Before I could purchase the product, a [tag]virtual live chat[/tag] assistant came online to give me a [tag]sales pitch[/tag]. This autobot was so far from real, it was actually funny the response it would give. It is a great sales idea, but poorly implemented.

I purchased the product with ease. After purchase, I was prompted for a once in a lifetime up sell for an extra $47. I declined.

Getting the Product
Next, I was taken to a page where I set up an account on [tag]affiliates den.com[/tag] and download a free PDF. The AffiliatesDen.com website seems to be the hub of the program. This is where you will find all the tools and tutorials to get started, or so I thought, I will explain shortly.

I then reach a page with three options. Option one, Login to Affiliates Den, two, login to affiliate blueprints coaching, and finally, download tools.

I downloaded the tools, then logged into both affiliates den and the [tag]coaching program.[/tag]

I am a bit lost by now. There is no quick start guide or welcome guide.

Review so Far
So, lets review the customer path. I first read a very slick sales page and decide I want to try this program. I slap down my hard-earned cash and get access to a bunch of tools, resources, etc, but I really don’t know what to do next. There is no clear guide. So, I think I will run through the coaching programs first and then see what is going on over at affiliatesDen.com

I will keep you posted.

I will start reading the FAQ, watching videos and using the coaching program.

Review of Day Job Killer Google Assassin software

We will purchase the software package and test out the claims made on the very slick long copy sales page. You can find it here.

The program author, [tag]Chris[/tag], says his Google Assassin Software will show you exactly what top [tag]affiliates[/tag] are doing with their [tag]PPC campaigns[/tag], which allows you to “borrow” their success and turn a profit with little to no investment into testing. Some will call this stealing, but there is nothing illegal about what the program promotes. You may have moral reasons not to try this software but again nothing to my knowledge is illegal.

I have previously bought Chris’s “[tag]Affiliates Project X[/tag]” ebook. I have to admit I did little to nothing with the knowledge gained. Shame on me…

DJK Assassin is the automated version of “Affiliates Project X.” I will purchase this program today and will report in the following weeks my progress.

Traffic Tactics – How It Works

Opening message at Traffic tactics.com

I have received a number of emails from Carlos and Lupe Garcia this week. Who are [tag]Carlos and Lupe Garcia[/tag]? They are [tag]internet marketing[/tag] millionaires. But they weren’t always living in the lap of luxury. Read more from their pitch page about their journey from rags to riches. Why the flurry of new emails? They are selling a $10,000 traffic creation mentoring program. Part of their [tag]Traffic Tactics[/tag] program. (There are no affiliate links in this post.)

Full disclosure: Carlos and Lupe have been involved in questionable business opportunities in the past, questionable from a moral and ethical stand point. They sold [tag]cable box descramblers[/tag] and [tag]diet patches[/tag]. I have read on other blogs the [tag]FTC[/tag] shut their diet patch business down, but I can not confirm this report.

The high level details are as follows:

How do they get their traffic?
They buy bulk traffic using credit from Yahoo, MSN and other sources. They claim to have a number of tactics they use during negotiations which allow them to buy traffic on credit and limit the risk if the campaigns are not successful. I assume pre-negotiating favorable out clauses.

Does it work?
Yes and no. Yes it works for products with large demand and mass appeal. Your conversions and creative should be optimized before you even think about trying their methods.

No, it won’t work for small niche products and non tested products. You can lose your shirt if you have not optimized your campaigns and have an unproven product. Conversions should be tested, test again and tested again…

What are they pitching?
$10,000 coaching program

Should I pay $10,000 to learn how to buy banner traffic?
That depends on several factors. Do you have the right product for this type of advertising? Do you have an extra $10,000 to risk on this venture?

Every business opportunity has risks and rewards. In the case of Traffic Tactics you can read the “pro” side of the story on their pitch page. They also have a video they use to sell their mentor program. For the flip side read this blog post to get the other side.

I personally would not sign up for this program.