Adding A WordPress Blog to Your Facebook Page

This video will show you how to import your blog posts into your Facebook page. This works only on fan pages and not personal accounts.

Note: This import function will work with any blog that has an RSS Feed and not just WordPress blogs.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


Flock has Changed
The [tag]Flock browser[/tag] has been my default browser for a year and a half. I was using [tag]version .7[/tag], until yesterday. They (Flock) suggested an upgrade to .9, so I did. The Flock I loved was no longer the same Flock. The upgrade to .9 killed the great [tag]feed reader[/tag] [tag]GUI[/tag], the very reason I switch from [tag]FireFox[/tag]!

To add insult to injury, the new Flock browser froze my machine so bad I had to do a hard shut down to get back control of my computer.

The Break Up
I used the new Flock browse for two days but it just didn’t work out. It’s like breaking up with a [tag]girlfriend[/tag] I really liked and I am sad. My sadness lasted about 20 minutes because I know there are other options out there. Time to [tag]play the field[/tag]!

I imported my feeds into [tag]Google Reader[/tag] and downloaded the latest version of FireFox and I am back to loving the internet.

Looking Back and Then Forward
Sorry Flock I really enjoyed our time together, but you changed too much and I no longer know you. No hard feelings but it’s time to part ways. You will be fine and I will be fine. It happens. I wish you the best.