Facebook Fan Page Privacy Settings Q&A

[UPDATE] Yes, there is a way to show and hide content based on if someone has “liked” your facebook fan page. This is not a membership level security fix. For example someone can “Like” your page to get access to the content and then unlike your page. Please keep that in mind. below I have included a basic code snippet to show and hide content based on if someone has liked your facebook page. In this case I’m showing a coupon code if you like the page:

(People who Like this page will see this content.)
Your 20% Coupon Code: facebook


“Like” this page to reveal your 10% off code!

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Great Video. Could you make a video on how to make content available to ONLY Fan members. So say you had a picture, only Fan members could see it.

John, great Question and the answer is no, not on a Fan Page. You can limit this on your personal page but not your Businesses or Fan Page.

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