Twitter’s New Who To Follow Suggestion [Picture]

Last night my Twitter account was given a new functionality called “Who to Follow” suggestion box. Basically it displays two images of suggested people to follow, with a link to see their profile or to follow them directly from your page.

So far the suggestions seem to be random, so they are less than helpful. If Twitter where to apply some logic and algorithm to this feature, I could see it as being very useful. Attached is a screen shot of the new feature.

Click the image for a larger version.

Twitter to Pull the Plug on Manage Twitter

“We’re writing to let you know that your application, ManageTwitter, breaks our Automation Rules and Best Practices ( Specifically, it facilitates bulk automated user unfollowing, which is not allowed. It’s best for both our users and your users if your application follows the rules, so please make the necessary changes, such as removing the “Select All” option (and requiring users to decide on each user individually) to bring your application into compliance.”

This Sucks!

Read the full story here.

My First Twitter Pop Up

I was presented with my first Twitter Pop up today. Anyone else?


Twitter Trending Goes Local [image]

Twitter has added local options for trending topics. The areas supported are limited at this time. They’re working on adding more locations.


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Twitter is Offline – Time For Lunch

“Twitter is currently down for scheduled maintenance.
We expect to be back within 30 minutes. Thanks for your patience.”