Best of the Day Links 04-28-10

Russia’s Digital Sky Technologies Buys IQC

$187.5 million later and Digital Sky is the proud owner of IQC?

New iphone coming in June

Apple should announce the new iphone during the June 7 -11 Apple dev conference in S.F.

World Cup Goes 3D

For the first time…

“Soccer’s world governing body FIFA has announced that 25 matches will be broadcast in 3D, with seven cameras at each of five grounds in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The 2D broadcasts will require 32 cameras at each stadium.”

Facebook is a Popular Search Term

According to Hitwise “Facebook” was the most searched term in March:

HP to Acquire Palm

Palm sells to HP for 1.2 Billion

Schools are Turning to Google Apps

“Today, the entire public school system of Oregon will embrace Google Apps. 400,000 Students, teachers, and administrators will have access to a common e-mail and chat system, cloud-based collaboration tools, and a robust multimedia streaming service.”

Two years ago I made the switch over to Google apps for my business email provider.

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