Images and Movies In Your Blog

Images and Video in your posts:
I like having [tag]images [/tag]and [tag]video[/tag] in my [tag]blog post[/tag], but only if relevant. Having images in your post seems to engage your reader. I use [tag]Photoshop[/tag] for my blog images. Often times I will take a [tag]screen shot[/tag] of an image, open in PS, and then edit, save upload. This process works but opening PS takes forever!!

The Need:
I wish there was an online tool I could use to create images for my blog. Opening Photoshop takes time and computer resources. It’s kind of like watering your lawn with a fire hose. You simply don’t need that much power. Everything out there seems to be an application I have to download. I want something online.

The Solution:
An online [tag]photo-editing tool[/tag]. I have tried many but none with much luck. It’s really simple if you think about it, all I want is to print screen, past in a canvas crop and edit with text, or drawings and save as a gif or jpeg.

The Results of my research:
So far, I have not found anything like this. This would be an awesome tool for the [tag]blogging world[/tag].

If I find something, I will keep you posted and you guys do the same.

P.S. It took 18 seconds to open up Photoshop

Sketchcast A Cool New Blogging Tool

Introducing Sketch Cast. allows you to [tag]whiteboard[/tag] your ideas and share them via the web. Think the [tag]UPS whiteboard [/tag]commercials with the ability to post in your [tag]blog[/tag] for the rest of the world to see. [tag]Traffic is Gold[/tag] uses a lot of screen casting using [tag]Camtasia[/tag], so naturally [tag][/tag] caught my attention.

If I can find a good use for sketch cast out side of my regular usage of Camtasia, you may see it on this site. The technology looks cool, so check it our when you have sometime to brainstorm on the white board.

Check out their tutorial/intro video:


I had to take the video down as it was casuing my site to not load. You can see the video on their site.