Images and Movies In Your Blog

Images and Video in your posts:
I like having [tag]images [/tag]and [tag]video[/tag] in my [tag]blog post[/tag], but only if relevant. Having images in your post seems to engage your reader. I use [tag]Photoshop[/tag] for my blog images. Often times I will take a [tag]screen shot[/tag] of an image, open in PS, and then edit, save upload. This process works but opening PS takes forever!!

The Need:
I wish there was an online tool I could use to create images for my blog. Opening Photoshop takes time and computer resources. It’s kind of like watering your lawn with a fire hose. You simply don’t need that much power. Everything out there seems to be an application I have to download. I want something online.

The Solution:
An online [tag]photo-editing tool[/tag]. I have tried many but none with much luck. It’s really simple if you think about it, all I want is to print screen, past in a canvas crop and edit with text, or drawings and save as a gif or jpeg.

The Results of my research:
So far, I have not found anything like this. This would be an awesome tool for the [tag]blogging world[/tag].

If I find something, I will keep you posted and you guys do the same.

P.S. It took 18 seconds to open up Photoshop

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