Windows 7 Minimize All Windows

This short video will show you how to Minimize All Windows in the new Windows 7. In the previous version of Windows (Vista) the minimize all button was visible on the left bottom corner of the screen, next to the Windows Logo. This has since changed. The minimize all button in Windows & can now be found on the lower right hand corner of your screen. It is a transparent button, so its easy to miss.

The New in v1.1.1 of the TweetDeck iPhone App

Tweetdeck has introduced a new version of their Twitter iphone client. Watch the overview video here:

New features include
• Facebook integration
• Collect tweets in your immediate area based on geolocation.
• Upload video directly from the iphone to facebook
• Manage multiple Twitter accounts
• Cross post to multiple accounts, including Facebook.
• Turn popular twitter trends into search columns.
• Create Groups to easily follow all your friends.
• Share photos with Twitpic, YFrog and now TweetPhoto.

The one missing feature is the ability to filter tweets per column. The desktop version of Tweetdeck has this functionality and makes the application so powerful because it allows you to sort through all the noise on Twitter and get to the tweets that matter to you.

How to Create an Email Signature in Thunderbird

Step One: Create an HTML signature file:
Using your favorite html editor, create an html document with your desired signature information.

Save the file

Step Two: Add signature file in Thunderbird

Tools >> Account Setting
Pick the identity you want to add a Signature to
Check box that reads: Attach This signature.
Then choose the file we created prior.
Click OK
Try composing an email and see if your new signature appears

Linkedin Tutorial Improve Group Email CTR

Making Your LinkedIn Group Communications more effective.
I am a power user of LinkedIn and I belong to many groups. I like to receive email updates of activity in the groups I belong to. Today I want to give a tip on how to get more people to click through (CTR) on your email notifications.

LinkedIn Profile Organizer Overview Tutorial

LinkedIn’s Profile Organizer allows you to save important profiles into folders to return them later.
This will help you “bookmark” and annotate with comments quality candidates, sales leads, potential business partners, JV’s, etc…
Linkedin is a powerful business tool. This new feature is a premium service, which means it does cost money. However, there is a free no credit card trial available.

Hope that Helps!