Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


Flock has Changed
The [tag]Flock browser[/tag] has been my default browser for a year and a half. I was using [tag]version .7[/tag], until yesterday. They (Flock) suggested an upgrade to .9, so I did. The Flock I loved was no longer the same Flock. The upgrade to .9 killed the great [tag]feed reader[/tag] [tag]GUI[/tag], the very reason I switch from [tag]FireFox[/tag]!

To add insult to injury, the new Flock browser froze my machine so bad I had to do a hard shut down to get back control of my computer.

The Break Up
I used the new Flock browse for two days but it just didn’t work out. It’s like breaking up with a [tag]girlfriend[/tag] I really liked and I am sad. My sadness lasted about 20 minutes because I know there are other options out there. Time to [tag]play the field[/tag]!

I imported my feeds into [tag]Google Reader[/tag] and downloaded the latest version of FireFox and I am back to loving the internet.

Looking Back and Then Forward
Sorry Flock I really enjoyed our time together, but you changed too much and I no longer know you. No hard feelings but it’s time to part ways. You will be fine and I will be fine. It happens. I wish you the best.