Best of the Day Links 04-27-10

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RIM shows off BlackBerry 6 on video

At the WES 2010 Blackberry releases a teaser video of the Blackberry 6 operating System:

Television Takes over Top Spot on Facebook Fan Pages

The Family Guy takes the number one spot.

Be sure to “Like” the Traffic is Gold Facebook page.

GetGlue links Web resources for movies, books and music together

Great idea and service for movie lovers!

“If you’re looking at data for “The Godfather” on IMdB, GetGlue will show a trailer on YouTube and reviews on other sites. The application pulls from more than 300 popular websites.”

China already has iPad knock offs

Ipads international launch is not until the end of May, but don’t tell China that. China is already selling a cheaper version (counterfeit version) of the ipad ($410 USD).

Read a great quote today: “You Can’t Be Scared of Failure. You’re Already Failing” This was geared toward new businesses and start ups.

Ipad Gets Facebook Friendly Video

So when will Facebbok support video via the iphone app?

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