New Youtube Feature -Communicate with your subscribers Via bulletins

New! Communicate with your subscribers by posting bulletins to their YouTube homepages.

Bulletin will be posted to your subscribers and friends  homepages, optional subscription emails, and your channel page. Learn more.


Stop Programs From Running at Startup Windows 7

If you have too many programs running at start up, this can cause your computer to load very slowly. It can also tax your memory for programs not even being used.

Most often when adding new programs to your computer, the software publisher will try and set the software to auto start. This video will show you how to disable these functions.

Remove Videos from Subscription Bug

Can’t remove videos from your Youtube homepage – Bug
There’s currently a bug on your logged in home page on Youtube removing videos from your subscriptions. The “x” (delete) isn’t working and you’re unable to remove old videos from the subscriptions.
Use this as your homepage and you should be able to delete videos.

It’s Official The Ipad Insanity Has Begun

Today (4-3-10) the ipad from Apple is available to the public.

I found a couple of Youtube videos highlighting the Apple “Fan Boys” hard at work.

Unboxing at the Apple Store

iPad Unboxing in the car

German iPad Unboxing

and finally Apple opening it’s doors to clapping Apple fans!

Youtube is Down After Upgrade

Today I noticed Youtube had implemented some nice upgrades to the video pages but then the site crashed. Here is what Youtube looks like now:

Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

Youtube has gone from “Unavailable” to “Server Error”