Google Search Gets Dates

GOOGLE + clock.gif = 🙂

Found this over at [tag]Shoemoney[/tag]’s site. [tag]Google[/tag] now allows you to modify your search using a date parameter.

Here is an example:

I searched Google for the term “NFL.” This is the query string for [tag]NFL[/tag],

I then added “&as_qdr=w” to the end of query string to get targeted results for this week only. Lot’s of stories about [tag]Mike Vick[/tag] going to jail for 23 months.

Here is the modified string:

Here are your options for displaying results based on time.

&as_qdr=w (Week)
&as_qdr=d (Day)
&as_qdr=m (Month)

Just append any of these to your query string and you are off to the races.