Stop Programs From Running at Startup Windows 7

If you have too many programs running at start up, this can cause your computer to load very slowly. It can also tax your memory for programs not even being used.

Most often when adding new programs to your computer, the software publisher will try and set the software to auto start. This video will show you how to disable these functions.

Remove Videos from Subscription Bug

Can’t remove videos from your Youtube homepage – Bug
There’s currently a bug on your logged in home page on Youtube removing videos from your subscriptions. The “x” (delete) isn’t working and you’re unable to remove old videos from the subscriptions.
Use this as your homepage and you should be able to delete videos.

Limit the Number of Pages in Your WordPress Navigation Bar

We will show you how to make specific pages show up in your navigation Structure.

Using the “include” function in WordPress you can specify the exact number of pages you want to show in your navigation.

Note -There are plugins which will order the pages for you, but I have not found any plugins which will limit the number of pages showing. Also page order plugins can slow down your page load.

Example: Show traffic is gold.
You need to edit the header.php file found here:

Open the file with your favorite editor.
Search the file for “wp_list_pages”

The default should look like this:

Change to this

Upload the file and your site should only show the pages you’ve indicated.

Video: How to Add Your Tweets to LinkedIn

How to Add Your Twitter Tweets to LinkedIn Status Profile Adding your Tweets to your Linkedin profile is easy to do. You no longer need third party applications to connect these two powerful social media sites.

This video will show you step by step, how to add your Tweet stream to your Linkedin profile status update.
One word of caution, if you tweet a lot you should select the option that only shows tweets that have the following #in tag (hash tag) in the tweet. Otherwise you run the risk of annoying people with your constant updates. I see this time and time again on Facebook. However facebook has a great hide feature. So if people tweet too much I just hide them.

Hope that Helps!

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How to Create an Email Signature in Thunderbird

Step One: Create an HTML signature file:
Using your favorite html editor, create an html document with your desired signature information.

Save the file

Step Two: Add signature file in Thunderbird

Tools >> Account Setting
Pick the identity you want to add a Signature to
Check box that reads: Attach This signature.
Then choose the file we created prior.
Click OK
Try composing an email and see if your new signature appears