Apple Tablet With iPhone-Like OS [Video]

Apple Tablet With iPhone-Like OS Confirmed in TV Interview (Source: Mashable)

The day before the major Tablet announcement by Apple, McGraw-Hill’s CEO Terry McGraw told CNBC this afternoon that Apple will make a Tablet. Watch the video

Microsoft CEO Ballmer laughs at Apple iPhone

Ballmer laughs at the first version of the iphone… He who laughs last, laughs best or so the saying goes.

Thanks to the guys over at The iphone blog for finding this gem.

The New in v1.1.1 of the TweetDeck iPhone App

Tweetdeck has introduced a new version of their Twitter iphone client. Watch the overview video here:

New features include
• Facebook integration
• Collect tweets in your immediate area based on geolocation.
• Upload video directly from the iphone to facebook
• Manage multiple Twitter accounts
• Cross post to multiple accounts, including Facebook.
• Turn popular twitter trends into search columns.
• Create Groups to easily follow all your friends.
• Share photos with Twitpic, YFrog and now TweetPhoto.

The one missing feature is the ability to filter tweets per column. The desktop version of Tweetdeck has this functionality and makes the application so powerful because it allows you to sort through all the noise on Twitter and get to the tweets that matter to you.

Iphone Update coming soon

Apple has an iPhone update scheduled for release tomorrow (9/12/08). This update is supposed to deal with the dropped call and network issues.

I’ve had my iphone for about a month and I love it. The apps store is awesome. The GPS is great. It’s basically a little computer that allows me to read emails, post to my blogs, Twitter, find great food via and list goes on. However the phone sucks!! It’s horrible. My iphone drops about 70% of all calls and I am located in westside Los Angeles. I am not in a rural town with no 3g access.

It’s hard to believe the phone is so bad when the rest of the iphone applications rock. I really hope they fix the phone service tomorrow. Please.