Flash Playback issues in FireFox 3

Does anyone else have issues with audio dropping out on Flash movies when using Fire Fox 3 for an extended period of time? When it first started to happen I thought my machine was out of memory and just needed a reboot. The reboot would fix the issue but only for a short period of time. So, I did a bit of research on Google and found a solution that works for my machine.

Go to: Tools >> Add-ons >>

Then disable the Shockwave Flash plugin
Next enable the Shockwave Flash plugin The flash audio issues should now be fixed.

I really hope the next version of Fire Fox will address this issue.

FireFox Sets A New Worlds Record


According to Guinness World Records Fire Fox has set a new download record in a 24 hour period. The previous record was 5 million. FireFox tops 8 million!!!

You think that’s big news, well their two week count tops 28 million downloads. I am happy to say I was one of the folks who helped Mozilla achieve this new worlds record!

Cool Firefox SEO Plugin

I mentioned in recent posts my switch from the Flock browser to Firefox. Well, today I got a nice little [tag]SEO[/tag] surprise. I was reading a post on [tag]SEOBook.com[/tag] and found a wonderful plugin for SEO information returned in your search results.

I tried the [tag]plugin[/tag], both for [tag]Google[/tag] and [tag]Yahoo[/tag] [tag]SERPS[/tag]. The results are great!!!

Check out the screen shot.


Feature Standouts

  • Traffic estimator – (I really like this feature.)
  • PR of indexed page
  • How many links in Yahoo and MSN, including .edu break out
  • Directory listings
  • Whois – on click away.

Go here to get the [tag]Firefox[/tag] plugin.