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We have put together a comprehensive 10 part video series on how to use Twitter for Business. Be sure to visit the forums and introduce yourself. It’s a great way to get followers right away.

Are you brand new to Twitter?

If you are brand new to Twitter, it is best if you start with lesson one and work your way through, practicing what you learn as you go. Be sure to set up your profile before you start following a bunch of people. We cover this in Part Two. Part Three, Twitter Etiquette is a must watch.

Are you already familiar with Twittter?

Feel free to skip around and find what works best for your skill level. Maybe you are looking to get a lot of targeted followers fast, then check out Part Seven. Maybe you want to learn how to get people to re-tweet your tweets. If so check out Part Nine.

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Part 1 What is Twitter
Part 2 Setting Up Your Twitter Profile
Part 3 Twitter Etiquette
Part 4 Start Tweeting
Part 5 Get Followers The Basics
Part 6 Get Followers Promoting your Twitter Account
Part 7 Get Followers Advanced Techniques
Part 7.B Unfollow Advanced Techniques
Part 8 Twitter Tools
Part 9 Finding Re-Tweetable Information
Part 10 Twitter for Business A few Case Studies

Ongoing Training and information

I am constantly updating the Traffic Is Gold blog with Twitter information so be sure to sign up for my RSS feed. I will also post updated videos in the member’s only section.

To your success!!!

Your success is my success. If you need help please reach out to me via email, Twitter, and on the forums. I want to help. Please use me as a resource.

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