Easy SEO Tips & Tricks On Page Optimization

Easy SEO Tips & Tricks: On Page Optimization

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Lets look at the anatomy of a well optimized page.

Title Tag

You should try and optimize each page for only one keyword or phrase.

Keyword tag

Only use keywords that will actually show up as text on the page to avoid keyword stuffing.

Description Tag

Does not facture in Googles algorithm but can affect your CTR on the Search Results page.


Try and use a H1 tag as close to the top of the page as possible. Use the same keyword/phrase used in the title tag.

On page optimization is the easy part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) It really comes down to proper code structure and focusing on targeted keywords and phrases. The hard part is building links to your site. I said hard but not impossible. I will cover this topic at a later date.

Cool Firefox SEO Plugin

I mentioned in recent posts my switch from the Flock browser to Firefox. Well, today I got a nice little [tag]SEO[/tag] surprise. I was reading a post on [tag]SEOBook.com[/tag] and found a wonderful plugin for SEO information returned in your search results.

I tried the [tag]plugin[/tag], both for [tag]Google[/tag] and [tag]Yahoo[/tag] [tag]SERPS[/tag]. The results are great!!!

Check out the screen shot.


Feature Standouts

  • Traffic estimator – (I really like this feature.)
  • PR of indexed page
  • How many links in Yahoo and MSN, including .edu break out
  • Directory listings
  • Whois – on click away.

Go here to get the [tag]Firefox[/tag] plugin.

Learn SEO from Sergey Brin of Google

[tag]UC Berkley[/tag] has put many of their [tag]video-taped[/tag] lectures online using [tag]youtube.com[/tag] as their delivery platform. I found a lecture by [tag]Sergey Brin[/tag] co-fonder of [tag]Google[/tag], discussing [tag]search engines[/tag] and the Google [tag]Algo[/tag]. He does a high-level history of search, Google’s algorithm and [tag]Adsense[/tag]. This is very interesting stuff. Check out UC Berkley’s youtube page here.

This is the video:

Google’s “mission” at the beginning was, “[tag]Search for Kings.[/tag]” Not to find a king, but create a product what is worthy of a king’s attention. Customer and product comes first! Love it! This is core to a successful business.

Check out the lecture below:

Making WordPress SEO Friendly URLS

SEO_WP_image.gifI put together a short video on how to make your [tag]WordPress blog[/tag] [tag]URL[/tag]s [tag]search engine friendly[/tag]. It’s a simple task, but can help you out tremendously in your effort to [tag]rank[/tag] on the front page of the major search engines.

How it works: WordPress takes advantage of the [tag].htacess file[/tag] to do a [tag]URL re-write[/tag].

The default setting: http://www.trafficisgold.com/?p=123

URL re-write change: http://www.trafficisgold.com/2007/09/24/wordpress-23-is-now-available/

Check out the video and if you have any questions just leave a comment and I will see what I can do to help.

Finding A Sites Google Page Rank

How can I find the [tag]Google Page Rank[/tag] of other potential link partner sites?

This is a great question when deciding on a [tag]link exchange partner[/tag]. This [tag]video[/tag] will show you how to find the Google Page Rank (PR) of any site, using the [tag]Google tool bar[/tag].

If you don’t want to watch, here are the steps.

Go to toolbar.google.com
On the right hand side of the page, click the download button.
Run the installer.
Go to settings >> options
Select the “More” tab
Check the “Page Rank and Page info” Check Box
Accept any Privacy Policy statement
Star browsing sites
Hover the mouse pointer over the tool bar and it will give you the page rank.