Learn SEO from Sergey Brin of Google

[tag]UC Berkley[/tag] has put many of their [tag]video-taped[/tag] lectures online using [tag]youtube.com[/tag] as their delivery platform. I found a lecture by [tag]Sergey Brin[/tag] co-fonder of [tag]Google[/tag], discussing [tag]search engines[/tag] and the Google [tag]Algo[/tag]. He does a high-level history of search, Google’s algorithm and [tag]Adsense[/tag]. This is very interesting stuff. Check out UC Berkley’s youtube page here.

This is the video:

Google’s “mission” at the beginning was, “[tag]Search for Kings.[/tag]” Not to find a king, but create a product what is worthy of a king’s attention. Customer and product comes first! Love it! This is core to a successful business.

Check out the lecture below:

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