At My Wedding Twitterring and Facebooking at the Altar

Twitter & Facebook gone too far? You be the judge…

UPDATE: This Wedding video is going super viral. Last night (12-02-09) it had 11K views, today over 429,000 and counting!

Video: How to Add Your Tweets to LinkedIn

How to Add Your Twitter Tweets to LinkedIn Status Profile Adding your Tweets to your Linkedin profile is easy to do. You no longer need third party applications to connect these two powerful social media sites.

This video will show you step by step, how to add your Tweet stream to your Linkedin profile status update.
One word of caution, if you tweet a lot you should select the option that only shows tweets that have the following #in tag (hash tag) in the tweet. Otherwise you run the risk of annoying people with your constant updates. I see this time and time again on Facebook. However facebook has a great hide feature. So if people tweet too much I just hide them.

Hope that Helps!

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Use Twitter Search to Find Customers

First go to and not

Click Advanced Search.

Search for people using the form or use the search operators on this page:

Once you find your potential customers, start interacting with them!

Use Tweet Deck to Measure Link CTR & Prevent Twitter Viruses

This video will show you how to use Tweet Deck to measure a links (URL) CTR (Click Through Rate). I will also show you how this feature may help prevent you from acquiring a twitter virus. Click here for more Youtube How To Videos.

Introducing Twitter The New Real Time Search Engine

Twitter unveils their new homepage featuring search as their main objective. Almost all Twitter veterans know the real genius of Twitter is the search functionality. Today Twitter acknowledges this and goes head to head with Google. This should be fun because we all have front row seats!