Review of Day Job Killer Google Assassin software

We will purchase the software package and test out the claims made on the very slick long copy sales page. You can find it here.

The program author, [tag]Chris[/tag], says his Google Assassin Software will show you exactly what top [tag]affiliates[/tag] are doing with their [tag]PPC campaigns[/tag], which allows you to “borrow” their success and turn a profit with little to no investment into testing. Some will call this stealing, but there is nothing illegal about what the program promotes. You may have moral reasons not to try this software but again nothing to my knowledge is illegal.

I have previously bought Chris’s “[tag]Affiliates Project X[/tag]” ebook. I have to admit I did little to nothing with the knowledge gained. Shame on me…

DJK Assassin is the automated version of “Affiliates Project X.” I will purchase this program today and will report in the following weeks my progress.

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