DJK Google Assassin Part 3

On Monday, I really dove into the [tag]DJK Google Assaaain[/tag] program, even with the lacking [tag]quick start guide[/tag]. I watched a video on how to make campaigns, which were very helpful, but a bit out, dated. The site has since had a re-design.

Campaign Video
The video was shot in May of last year, I believe, when they were still in beta. Many of the site navigation and features are different today. This leaves you to a bit of guessing, but I was up to the task.

Coaching Model
I did the very first coaching model. It was informative and easy to follow. My only suggestion, out side of a step by step quick start guide, it to have all of the coaching models done in [tag]Camtasia video[/tag], just like the campaign video.

Affiliate Wiki
I thought this might be a nice resource, but it turned out to be just a place were people talk about how great the program was and how much money they make. There was no real instruction or helpful information for a newbie.

Days Review
While information is scattered, the information and tools have been quite good so far. Tomorrow, I will try out their Keyword tool, which they call “[tag]The Daddy Keyword Tool[/tag].” They say it is a complicated, but I hope that means it will give great results once the learning curve has been over come.

Side Note. I know I keep saying they need a quick start guide, and information is scattered, etc… However, on second thought this may actually work to my advantage. See, most affiliates are lazy and if it is not spoon feed to them, they will give up. So many people buy money-making opportunities and once they see it requires work they put it on the self or ask for a refund. I am hoping this is the case. This means less competition for me, as I plan to test this to the end.

So maybe in the end, I should keep my mouth shut on the improvements and just work the program.

** UPDATE **

Quick Start Guide
Tuesday morning a very informative quick start guide showed up in my email box, just what I was looking for.

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