DJK Google Assassin Review Part 2


Purchase the Product
Sunday night I went to buy DJK Google Assassin. Before I could purchase the product, a [tag]virtual live chat[/tag] assistant came online to give me a [tag]sales pitch[/tag]. This autobot was so far from real, it was actually funny the response it would give. It is a great sales idea, but poorly implemented.

I purchased the product with ease. After purchase, I was prompted for a once in a lifetime up sell for an extra $47. I declined.

Getting the Product
Next, I was taken to a page where I set up an account on [tag]affiliates[/tag] and download a free PDF. The website seems to be the hub of the program. This is where you will find all the tools and tutorials to get started, or so I thought, I will explain shortly.

I then reach a page with three options. Option one, Login to Affiliates Den, two, login to affiliate blueprints coaching, and finally, download tools.

I downloaded the tools, then logged into both affiliates den and the [tag]coaching program.[/tag]

I am a bit lost by now. There is no quick start guide or welcome guide.

Review so Far
So, lets review the customer path. I first read a very slick sales page and decide I want to try this program. I slap down my hard-earned cash and get access to a bunch of tools, resources, etc, but I really don’t know what to do next. There is no clear guide. So, I think I will run through the coaching programs first and then see what is going on over at

I will keep you posted.

I will start reading the FAQ, watching videos and using the coaching program.

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