Buying Text Links Good or Bad?

Are paid text links good or bad?

It depends on who you ask? Ask [tag]Google[/tag] and it’s bad. Ask a “[tag]white hat[/tag]” [tag]SEO[/tag] and your answer will vary. I watched a youtube video of [tag]Shoemoney[/tag] taking [tag]Rand[/tag] of [tag]SEOMOZ[/tag] to task over his stance on text links. Basically, he “outed” a couple of sites using text links to increase their rankings, but at the same time he also advises his clients to use text links. Strange? Get the whole story here.

Bottom line for me, Google doesn’t like text links as a way to gain [tag]SERP ranking[/tag], but they are fighting a losing battle. You can always take your chances… or not.

Learn SEO from Sergey Brin of Google

[tag]UC Berkley[/tag] has put many of their [tag]video-taped[/tag] lectures online using [tag][/tag] as their delivery platform. I found a lecture by [tag]Sergey Brin[/tag] co-fonder of [tag]Google[/tag], discussing [tag]search engines[/tag] and the Google [tag]Algo[/tag]. He does a high-level history of search, Google’s algorithm and [tag]Adsense[/tag]. This is very interesting stuff. Check out UC Berkley’s youtube page here.

This is the video:

Google’s “mission” at the beginning was, “[tag]Search for Kings.[/tag]” Not to find a king, but create a product what is worthy of a king’s attention. Customer and product comes first! Love it! This is core to a successful business.

Check out the lecture below: