Facebook Strategies for Business

1. Facebook Tagging for Networking Your Brand
This allows you to have your post appear on someone else’s time line (much like Twitter), which gives you more exposure.

2. Facebook Pages and Widgets for Growing Your Brand
Do you want to grow your personal account to 5,000 and then start a fan page or start a fan page and keep your personal account for closer more personal connections.
As soon as you get 25 fans you can have a custom name.

3. Facebook Real-Time Search for Monitoring Your Brand
This feature allows you to keep track of your brand inside your network, the greater Facebook community and the web.

Source Mashable: http://mashable.com/2009/09/29/facebook-personal-brand-strategy/

Easy SEO Tips & Tricks On Page Optimization

Easy SEO Tips & Tricks: On Page Optimization

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Lets look at the anatomy of a well optimized page.

Title Tag

You should try and optimize each page for only one keyword or phrase.

Keyword tag

Only use keywords that will actually show up as text on the page to avoid keyword stuffing.

Description Tag

Does not facture in Googles algorithm but can affect your CTR on the Search Results page.


Try and use a H1 tag as close to the top of the page as possible. Use the same keyword/phrase used in the title tag.

On page optimization is the easy part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) It really comes down to proper code structure and focusing on targeted keywords and phrases. The hard part is building links to your site. I said hard but not impossible. I will cover this topic at a later date.

Get Free Stuff With Out Joining an Email List

Part of my business is to keep on top of the latest trends in Internet Marketing. I have literally looked at thousands of pitch pages. Some good, some bad but the bottom line is they always want your email.
In exchange for your email the marketer will offer you something free that has a high perceived value, Most likely some kind of digital download or ebook.

Here is a method to get the content without giving away your email. In my experience this works about 80% of the time.

While on the sales page:
FireFox: View > page source>
IE right click on the page and view source.

control “F” type in “form”

look for something that says “confirmation” or “return”

Copy the URL and past into a new window.

You now have access to the content and your email is safe.

The down side: If you end up wanting the content and or product they are selling, you are not on their list and will not be notified when the product becomes available. In this case just go back to the original page and optin.

Use Twitter Search to Find Customers

First go to http://search.twitter.com/ and not Twitter.com

Click Advanced Search.


Search for people using the form or use the search operators on this page: http://search.twitter.com/operators

Once you find your potential customers, start interacting with them!

Protect Your WordPress Site From a Malicious Attack

Protecting your WordPress site from a malicious attack by using an .htaccess file in your upload folder.


When uploading pictures to your WordPress site, your host may require you to set the permissions of the upload folder to 775 or even 777. VERY BAD!!!

A permission of 777 gives everyone read, write and execute privileges on that folder. This is very dangerous and can give hackers the ability to access your site and server via this wide open folder.

Minimize your exposure by adding an .htaccess file to the folder with the following code.

order deny,allow
deny from all

This will allow only certain files to be uploaded to this folder and deny all others, most importantly files that contain scripts.

Word of caution: No site is 100% safe. If a hacker wants into your site bad enough they probably can find a way. But by keeping up to date on software and plugin updates, will helps to reduce your risk of an attack.