What is #followfriday on Twitter?

Twitter is a very powerful instant communication tool. It can be used for fun, business or a combination of both. I wanted to answer the question; What is #followfriday? So here is a quick video showing you what follow Friday is and how to participate.

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Hope that helps!

Google’s Vince Update – A Question of Trust

During January/February (2009) Google made an update to their search algorithm. Many in the search community are calling this update a Big Brand push. Meaning the change in the algorithm has helped big Brands achieve high rankings for certain keywords.

Matt Cutts of Google produced a video to discuss the update: “I would not call it an update, I would call it just a simple change.” – Matt Cutts

Further reading on the topic can be found here:
Search Engine Land
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Follow Us On Twitter

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Not sure what Twitter is? The Common Craft have created a wonderful overview of Twitter.


Adding YouTube Videos to your Blog Post

A quick Video on how to embed video into your blog post with out using a plugin. This video tutorial is only for the WordPress blogging platform. There are several great WP flash video embed plugins, but this will show you a quick way of adding video to your post, without the need for a plugin.

Watch more of my videos here: Traffic is Gold Youtube Channel

Google Search Gets Dates

GOOGLE + clock.gif = 🙂

Found this over at [tag]Shoemoney[/tag]’s site. [tag]Google[/tag] now allows you to modify your search using a date parameter.

Here is an example:

I searched Google for the term “NFL.” This is the query string for [tag]NFL[/tag], http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls

I then added “&as_qdr=w” to the end of query string to get targeted results for this week only. Lot’s of stories about [tag]Mike Vick[/tag] going to jail for 23 months.

Here is the modified string:


Here are your options for displaying results based on time.

&as_qdr=w (Week)
&as_qdr=d (Day)
&as_qdr=m (Month)

Just append any of these to your query string and you are off to the races.