Best of the Day Links 04-26-10

Clean out your Twitter Account

Mashable post some great tools to help clean up your Twitter account. I’ve use Twitter Karma, but once you get past 5k followers the system was unusable (at least it was that way 1 year ago).

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Which is Better: Buying Apple Products, or Buying Apple Stock?

This is a very interesting idea.  In 1997, if you had NOT bought the new “Apple PowerBook G3 250” and put the $5,700 in Apple stock, your Apple Stock would now be worth $330563.38!!!!

Check out this grid for many more examples:

The Nook Passes the Kindle in Sales

More bad news at Amazon… First the ipad release. Now the Nook pass the Kindle in Sales for the month of March.

Sony To stop Making Floppy Discs

A 30 year old product, will come to an end March of next year. Not really a big deal. But similar to the end of the 8 track.

World Cup to drive record social media traffic

Football (Soccer) the World’s biggest sport will be covered in depth by the World’s largest social networking site. If you’re a fan of the beautiful game, this World Cup will be awesome!

The games start (as of today): 45 days, 22 hours, 15 minutes

“FIFA has its own social-networking service on — called “The Club” — which has 1.6 million members, but the organization is about to make a bigger push into social media.”

For those of us fans who will not make it to the games in South Africa, this will be the best World Cup for us to follow.

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