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How Facebook won the web

Pete Cashmore of Mashable discusses the impact of facebook’s new “like” button.

Are the Facebook “Like” buttons evil?

Techcrunch covers the tech communities reactin. “The Open Graph is open only in name.”

TC’s take on the whole issue: “A lot of this boils down to a nerd fight that Zuckerberg is likely to win.” (Classic TC style!)

How To Turn an iPad Into an iPad 3G

Tiger Woods and EA Sports giving away $10K in cash (facebook)

Tiger has enetered the world of virtual currency. Here’s the deal, for every friend that signs up for the online version of the PGA tour, they get $10,000 in game currency.

Amazon and Microsoft report large profits

Microsoft’s Income Rises 35%, Driven by Sales of Windows 7

Profit Rose 68% at Amazon, Topping Analysts’ Forecasts

Facebook or Microsoft to acquire Foursquare?

Techcrunch is repoeting talks between the companies. This should be interesting. Will the CEO Dennis Crowley sell or try and grow this thing big?

Foursquare hits 1 million users

Some lucky chap from Escondido California secured the 1 million user slot.

Also it looks like Foursquare is rolling out more business tools. Great start at earning your bubble $100 million valuation!

Don’t count out StumbleUpon as a large Traffic Source.

According to StatCounter’s GlobalStats research arm, StumbleUpon represents 25% of social media traffic, second only to facebbok.

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