News 04-15-10

Google Adds Calendar Invitations to Gmail Messages

The invitation addition makes scheduling meetings and setting up appointments via Gmail much easier.  This seems like a great idea for non Gmail business users.

Tax Day Are you procrastinating?

Don’t worry many Americans are. Fill and extension if need be.

“According to search data from the past few years (see above), Americans tend to wait until the very last minute before seeking out information about filing our taxes.”

F.C.C. Says It Will Move Forward on Expanding Broadband

Last week’s federal appeals court ruling stated the FCC went too far in its plans to require companies to give broadband users equal access to all internet content. So the FCC will try and re classify Broadband as a utility, similar to your phone, so they can have more regulatory control over access.

Some Republican senators sharply disagreed.

There is demand for Opera on the iphone

Opera Mini iPhone App Downloaded 1 Million Times On First Day In App Store. This is more than the Skyp and Pay Pal one day download totals. On a side note, will first day itunes download numbers become the new version of opening day box office numbers?

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