News 04-14-10

Improve your Blog

How to make your blog more readable and enjoyable for your visitors. Rule number one is so important, know your audience.

Facebook Answers

Facebook is testing out a new Facebook Answers application. Yahoo has one. Linkedin has one, so why not Facebook, the world’s largest social networlk.

Google Now lets you go back in time

Google has added a feature that allows you to see what people where tweeting about at a certain time in the past. Text version of the wayback machine?

Ipad will not go international

Until May. Apple plans to delay the launch internationally due to strong U.S. demand. Did they run out of units?

Need a loan?

So does Lending, the peer to peer lending group. The Lending Club has secured $24.5 million in C funding. This brings the total investment to %52.7 million! The C round will be used to expand the platform.

Easily Convert Text to a New Contact

The Copy2Contacts iPhone app allows you to easily grab text from email signatures, web pages, plain text and add them to your contact.

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