My New Twitter Policy

New Twitter Policy goes into effect today. If you have the default Twitter icon default_profile_bigger.pngor a locked account (and I don’t personally know you) I will not follow you back. How hard is it to upload an image of yourself or your company’s logo? It’s not. If you don’t want your picture up there because you are insecure then go make an avatar. Don’t want your picture up on Twitter because you’re managing a business account, cool, put up your company logo.

When I see the default logo 95% of the time it’s a spam account. The other 5% is split between people who just joined Twitter to join and complete newbies. I have nothing against newbies at all. I actually welcome them with open arms and want to help them get the most out of Twitter. I am happy to follow, just show some respect for the Twitter community and fully update your profiles. Otherwise what’s the point?

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