Blog Rush 2 Worth The Hype?

Yes, but don’t take my word for it. So what’s new? Here is a run down of the new features of [tag]Blog Rush 2.0[/tag].

The dashboard

There is a slick new dashboard available in blog Rush. [tag]John Reese[/tag] has added some very nice features to the admin section. I love the new graphics representing traffic in your network.

The Buzz meter is very cool. This will help me improve my blog titles (headlines) and my [tag]CTR[/tag]. Basically it will tell me real time what people want to read, based on my title.


You can run custom reports based on a date range. Very nice!

My Blog

This section allows you to add, delete and modify your blogs. I updated my [tag]widget[/tag] “flavor” today.


The new filtering system gives you more control of what type of content shows up on your site and also controls what you want to syndicate out to the network.

These are all very good features. John has an extensive video on all the new features. Check it out for more information.

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