New Google Webmaster Guidelines


Pay Attention to this updated Google Webmaster News. Please!

In a blog post titled, “Hidden links”, Matt Cutts clearly lays out [tag]Google[/tag]’s view on [tag]paid links[/tag].

In Matt’s own words:

“If you want to sell a link, you should at least provide machine-readable disclosure for paid links by making your link in a way that doesn’t affect search engines…

Google is going to be looking at paid links more closely in the future…

The other best practice I’d advise is to provide human readable disclosure that a link/review/article is paid.”

So let’s recap.
1. Use “rel=nofollow” or other methods to provide “machine-readable disclosure”
2. Google is going to go after paid links.
3. Provide Human disclosure

Please do not think you can “game” Google. You may get away for a while but you will get busted. Stay clear of [tag]black hat seo[/tag] and keep your site in the [tag]serps[/tag].

For more on this visit the post directly.

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