Missing Traffic Credits

images.jpg First thing this morning I logged into my Blog Rush Bash account, checked the dashboard, and saw I had earned 165 credits from my traffic and 608 from my referral network today. About 30 minutes later my stats now say I have 155 credits from my traffic and 597 from my network. My traffic dropped 10 credits and my network dropped 11 credits. Why are they subtracting numbers? This is strange.

After writing this post, I looked around to see if other bloggers were seeing the same issues with credits. No luck. However, I did read a very good post from problogger, about Blog Rush and the realistic expectations of this new service.

The Art of money has another view. Blog Rush will suck traffic from smaller blogs and consolidate the traffic with much larger and established blogs.

For now, I will with hold judgment. Only time will tell how this will play out.

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