Stats Now Live on Blog Rush

Stats Update:
blogrush.pngStats for [tag]Blog Rush[/tag] are now active!!! I am also seeing an increase of people coming to my site via the BR [tag]widget[/tag]. Very nice! I will start to add more blogs to my account and track the traffic growth. Click here to get started with Blog Rush.

Blog Rush Stats Update

In my last post on [tag]Blog Rush[/tag], I mentioned the only draw back, so far, was the lack of stats being available for 24 to 48 hours. (See my video post.) Not a huge deal, after all this is a new [tag]widget[/tag], and I know launching new software is challenging. Therefore, I am willing to wait while the people over at BR figure the stats issue out.

Fast-forward 24 hours. While drinking my coffee this morning, I logged into my Blog Rush account to check my stats and still no stats. However, there was a message from [tag]John Reese[/tag], answering the top eight questions he has received since launch. Number one on his list was the following question: When will my dashboard statistics be available?

His response:“We encountered some minor issues with the batch processing of our first cycle of member statistics (it’s a lot of data to crunch) and we just about have it fixed. We hope to have your statistics up and running very soon as we know they are very important to you. We just need a little bit more time. Please know that we’re working as fast as we can and the moment we can start displaying them you will see them. (Thanks in advance for your patience.)”

Again, I understand so no big deal. I am just excited to see what BR can really do. I am seeing traffic from other sites in my [tag]analytics[/tag] so I know it’s working to some degree.

I currently have BR on two sites. Once they solve the stats issue I will start adding to more of my sites.

John Reese Introduces Blog Rush

What is [tag]BlogRush[/tag]? It’s a [tag]blog widget[/tag] designed to bring more [tag]targeted traffic[/tag] to your blog. This is the brain child of [tag]John Reese[/tag] over at [tag][/tag].

Check out my review video of Blog Rush.


Add Blog Rush to your blog

For complete details on how BR works, head over to blog and watch the tutorial video.